The Culture Catalogue

I leveraged insights from UX research to develop and execute an online experience tailored to our target customers and enhanced The Culture Catalogue's digital presence by redesigning the brand's visual identity.

Product Design | Visual Identity Design
Arts & Entertainment


The Culture Catalogue primarily utilizes Instagram as its foundational platform and is experiencing low user engagement. The founder believes that utilizing a newsletter might be the optimal strategy for engaging their target user, instead of relying exclusively on social media platforms to share information and build brand awareness.

To understand our target audience's values, motivations, feelings, and search behaviors, I developed an interview script featuring 19 open-ended questions and conducted six user interviews. The responses were collected, thematically organized, and distilled using an affinity map to pinpoint key insights.


Based on user feedback, I developed a newsletter tailored to our audience's preferences and executed a redesign of our visual identity to resonate with a broader, gender-neutral target market through the use of inclusive colors and imagery.

Drawing on insights from user interviews, I crafted a user persona that guided our design process from start to finish.

Initial Sketches

I initiated the design process by engaging in a brainstorming session, during which I generated quick sketches to explore potential solutions. These sketches were informed by several key inputs: data from user research, the organization's business goals, and a heuristic evaluation of the existing interface.

Competitive Analysis

I reviewed the offerings of other arts and entertainment companies that provide cultural event listings, with the aim of identifying key features that matter to users and exploring opportunities to address any gaps where we could introduce useful enhancements.


I leveraged Figma to transform my initial low-fidelity sketches into detailed wireframes that served as a comprehensive roadmap for the development of the screens within the project, from the landing page to accessing event listings. This wireframing process allowed me to refine the user experience and provide a blueprint to streamline the implementation.

Moodboard | Color Palette

Typography | Design System

Next Steps

  • Usability Testing on newsletter sign up and ease of access to event information.
  • A/B Testing on Email Subjects for Newsletter